• Language Connect’s internship programme stood out from those of other companies
  • To this day I still strongly recommend this programme to anybody looking to develop their skills and start a career within the translation industry.
  • I definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn about the industry
  • The opportunity to progress has been the stand out feature for my time here so far
  • The internship is well-structured to enable you to progress gradually at your own pace
  • The project management internship at Language Connect really put everything from my studies into perspective
  • I felt immediately welcome and part of the team I was working on. This for me is the standout part of this internship

Previously to starting my internship on the interpreting team, I had finished my Bachelor´s degree in Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies and had completed another internship in conference interpreting.

While working on my dissertation for my Master´s degree in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies, I came across an advert for the Language Connect internship.

I found the internship to be very well-structured and felt immediately welcome by the team. It gave me insight to yet another part of the interpreting sector and I was given the responsibility of managing a trust myself with the support of my mentor. She was always very patient and offered a lot of support and advice.

Towards the end of my internship, she let me know that there was an open position on the sales team. Though it is very different from what I was doing during my internship and my studies, I took the opportunity and applied. I started as Sales Support Executive and will progress to Account Manager soon. This role gave me a new perspective on the translation industry and I was able to learn more about the business side of it.

I recommend this programme to anybody looking to develop their skills and to learn more about the translation industry.