• Language Connect’s internship programme stood out from those of other companies
  • To this day I still strongly recommend this programme to anybody looking to develop their skills and start a career within the translation industry.
  • I definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn about the industry
  • The opportunity to progress has been the stand out feature for my time here so far
  • The internship is well-structured to enable you to progress gradually at your own pace
  • The project management internship at Language Connect really put everything from my studies into perspective
  • I felt immediately welcome and part of the team I was working on. This for me is the standout part of this internship

"My internship at Language Connect started in 2011 and I supported the translation team for 3 months. My tasks were managing projects for individual clients, checking translation work and allocating translation tasks. At the end of my internship I was offered a permanent position in the German team and so I stayed at Language Connect, first as a Project Executive, then as Project Manager and finally as Lead Project Manager.

I very much enjoyed my time there, as I had the feeling that the teams worked together very well and you could count on the support from others when difficulties arose. For my future career as a translator I could not have picked a better opportunity, because the combination of what I had learned at uni and the hands-on experience at the translation agency gave me the tools to become a successful freelance translator, as I got to know the industry and its services very well.

In 2014, I decided to move back to Austria to start freelancing. I founded my own small company in October and am glad to have been able to count Language Connect as one of my favourite clients ever since."

Irene Perkounigg, freelance translator