• Language Connect’s internship programme stood out from those of other companies
  • To this day I still strongly recommend this programme to anybody looking to develop their skills and start a career within the translation industry.
  • I definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to learn about the industry
  • The opportunity to progress has been the stand out feature for my time here so far
  • The internship is well-structured to enable you to progress gradually at your own pace
  • The project management internship at Language Connect really put everything from my studies into perspective
  • I felt immediately welcome and part of the team I was working on. This for me is the standout part of this internship

"My Language Connect story started in January 2016 when I had recently graduated and decided to move to London from another country. I graduated with a Master’s degree in translation but having also studied law I was unsure what my next steps should be. After a quick and smooth application process I was offered an internship position on the Language Connect Market Research team and have been a member of it ever since, having progressed from an intern to Project Executive to Project Manager in less than 2 years.  

The internship is well-structured to enable you to progress gradually at your own pace and you never feel like you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. You have a designated mentor who takes care of you throughout the whole term of the internship, monitors your progress and adapts the complexity of the tasks to your own capabilities. The internship has been a great starting point for my career, sparked even more interest in translation and languages, and gave me great insight into the industry. I always felt that I have ongoing support not only from my mentors and managers but also from the whole team.

If you’ve recently graduated and are still hesitant about what to do with your career, this internship will be a perfect opportunity to explore many of the career paths available and choose the one you enjoy the most."

Joanna Maćkowiak, Project Manager